The VinAgora wine competition once again received a high number of entries, with a record number of foreign samples. A total of 941 samples took part in the competition, representing 16 wine-producing countries with about a quarter of wines coming from outside of Hungary.

The competition was very exciting in terms of the high quality of participating wines, representing challenges to the experts. The high niveau is reflected in the fact that the tasters gave 76% of the wines a score equivalent to at least a silver medal, that is, 85 points or more. However, according to the international rules of the professional patrons of the competition (Vinofed and OIV), only the best 30% of wines in each main category can receive a medal. Based on the score limits modified accordingly, 9 grand gold, 160 gold, 116 silver medals, 7 main category winner Champion awards, and another 25 special awards were finally awarded.


The Prix VINOFED prize is awarded in four categories – still, dry white, red and rosé wines and brut sparkling wines made with the traditional method – by the World Federation of Major International Wine and Spirits Competitions, according to uniform rules in all member competitions of the organization. The selection method is the same as that of the VinAgora Champion Awards, so the best wines in these categories automatically receive the VINOFED award as well.

Prix VINOFED – still, dry white wines:
Varga Pincészet - Aranymetszés Friss Sauvignon Blanc 2021

Prix VINOFED – still, dry red wines:
Pannonhalmi Foapatsag – Infusio 2019

Prix VINOFED – still, dry rosé wines:
Günzer Tamás Pincészete – Rosé 2021

Prix VINOFED – brut sparkling wines made with the traditional method:
Bodegas Jaume Serra – Cava Jaume Serra Bouquet Brut

A detailed list of results can be found on the website of the competition: here